Every family has arguments at some time. Usually they are easily resolved but sometimes the problems just get worse and the longer they are left the more difficult it is to make up, creating tension and stress for everyone.

Relationships North East offers Family Counselling individually, as a small group or the whole family together.

Sides are not taken, and we don’t tell you what to do, we will encourage each family member to have a voice and help them to resolve their differences together. All families are unique and have unique problems but here we work with families to help people resolve their problems.

The benefits of family counselling

  • Improvement in family communication skills, ease of family tension, resolving of family issues around (e.g.) step-parenting, divorce, affairs
  • Counselling for children as well as for adults can help ease any number of stresses for everyone involved. From major abuses to lesser slights as well as general venting, all can be addressed in a calmer, quieter atmosphere
  • Family counselling offers a variety of ways to help each party deal with whatever issues come their way, such as divorce, death or abuse of any kind as well as any lesser issues surrounding them like sibling rivalry. All can be addressed in a safe atmosphere with a professional counsellor who is knowledgeable and understanding
  • Children can gain as much as any adult from visiting a calmer atmosphere with adults other than their caregivers. The counselling room offers a refuge in general from day to day stresses
  • Once a session is completed, individuals tend to feel lighter, more relaxed and ready to face another day
  • Once a client feels more at ease, other issues may surface and then be handled. The counselling room is an ideal place to allow adults to vent about circumstances and for children, too, because they can speak freely without repercussions from the adults they live with. This has often been the way domestic violence and abuse has been disclosed in a counselling session