Relationship Rebuilding

1. You work on your relationship. You realise that you will only get out of your relationship what you put in

2. You drop any power plays or mind games in the relationship: you learn to speak from an authentic you

3. You take equal responsibility in this relationship and become the change you want to see

4. You come out of hiding: you express past regrets and allow yourself to become more vulnerable and open

5. You accept that your relationship was formed out of your old wounds meeting your partners old wounds in a bid to heal them

6. You commit to moving from a reactive past to a responsive future

7. You see your partner more fully, more compassionately

8. You begin to explore both the blind side to your personality and its dark side

9. You communicate your needs in mindful dialogues of deep listening and respect

10. You commit to healing your partner in a reciprocal arrangement that offers healing to you