All relationships meet points of change, times when they feel stuck and partners experience distress or feel overwhelmed.
Sometimes partners can’t talk to each other about important problems that might have arisen in the relationship but also might be an individual’s issue. Meeting with a counsellor can be a way to explore what issues have come up, work to resolve them and open up pathways of communication and intimacy again.

Whether you come as a couple or alone, whether you are same sex or heterosexual, married or single, my intention is to offer a confidential setting in which you can explore your relationship.

Relationship counselling can help people going through painful and distressing situations and help overcome these difficulties to develop the communication and confidence to rebuild relationships and lives.

Some of the things I aim to help people achieve through couple relationship counselling include:-

  • Better communication
  • Strategies to help you get “back on track”
  • Personal discovery and self-development
  • Relationship stressbusting techniques
  • Mindfulness based couple counselling
  • Improved intimacy and meaning in the sexual relationship
  • Greater awareness of mutual needs and desires
  • An understanding of your shared couple fit and how to “refit” the relationship